How much for bankruptcy? Folks working in a bankruptcy office hear this question every day, and whatever answer is provided, the response is always the same – caller rudely hangs up with a loud CLICK!

Why is it so hard to get a price quote for a bankruptcy? If you called and hung up when you didn’t like the answer to this question, you are part of the problem.

At Las Vegas Bankruptcy Atty, we are happy to offer you a price quote, but not one over the phone. The attorney needs to look at what you need and what work will need to be performed. If a bankruptcy that costs an extra $3,000 can save you $50,000 more than a bankruptcy that costs less, is a cheaper bankruptcy a good choice?

Bankruptcy is not a set series of services that comes with one price to fit every situation. So an attorney must meet with you to determine what services you need, and what services, if any, you are eligible to get to give you an estimated price.

Many people believe that if they pay the attorney, they can get bankruptcy. But if you are not qualified for bankruptcy, you cannot buy your way into the benefits of bankruptcy. Or a bankruptcy may be an unnecessary and expensive option. If there is a solution to your debt problems that costs you less than a bankruptcy, is “how much” important?

The total cost of any bankruptcy includes court fees and other expenses to complete your order, just like sales tax. Except court fees and other costs can increase the total cost by $400 or more . Not surprisingly, when you do get an estimate over the phone to your question of “how much,” the quote may only cover the amount of the attorney fee. Sort of deceptive isn’t it! If you are looking for the lowest quote get you into the office, that is why the estimate was so low.

To see if you are eligible for bankruptcy, ask for a “free consultation” so the attorney can review whether you qualify for bankruptcy AND explain if other programs might be better. We are not interested in selling you a bankruptcy you don’t need, or one that doesn’t save you many times the amount of the legal fees and court costs.


What makes a bankruptcy cost more?

Some examples of why a bankruptcy might require more attorney time and cost more can include

1. Reason filing

  • Emergency filing within 24 – 48 hour period.
  • Stopping a foreclosure or repossession.
  • Substantial tax debt.
  • Debts relating to crimes, such as DUI, vandalism or restitution.

2. Eligibility

  • Former bankruptcy within past 8 years.
  • Income above median, but still desires to file Chapter 7.
  • Budget shows money available to pay a portion of debt.
  • Recent increase in income.

3. Special circumstances

  • Multiple sources of income
  • Substantial number of debts (typically medical) not appearing on credit report.
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Self employed or employed by a business you own.
  • Multiple wage garnishments need to be stopped.
  • Vehicle needs to be refinanced through bankruptcy through redemption.
  • Liens affecting title to property need to be removed.
  • Client uncooperative or unable to provide requested documents
  • Client asks for additional services not covered in the fee agreement.

The attorney, and only the attorney, will gladly spell out the legal fee and the amount the court costs during your free “no obligation” consultation.