Bankruptcy can be simple if you have an experienced attorney like Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney Dorothy Bunce to represent you.  Some bankruptcy lawyers make you fill out a mountain of paperwork and leave you to look to unqualified clerical staff for answers. But attorney Dorothy Bunce will prepare all of your paperwork herself and you only have to answer some easy questions about your finances and provide basic financial documents.  By law, you must read your bankruptcy paperwork before you sign it. When Dorothy Bunce represents you, she has the expertise to point out any potential problems with your case.  Bankruptcy is the one Court where you want and need an experienced attorney to represent you. 

Attorney has over 35 years of experience helping people in Bankruptcy

To find the right answer to your financial problems, consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney

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In a free consultation, Dorothy Bunce, Attorney at Law, attorney reviews your unique circumstances to see if you qualify to file bankruptcy, what form of bankruptcy might be best for you, & explains other ways to solve your debt problems. Dorothy recommends the best place to take mandatory bankruptcy classes and shows you how to get a free copy of your credit report.  If you chose to proceed with a bankruptcy, you can rest easy knowing that Dorothy Bunce is qualified to answer all your bankruptcy and debt questions & will help without judging you.  Dorothy will guide you ever step of the way throughout the process, and will be by your side if you need to appear in Bankruptcy Court proceedings.

Once your case is completed

Dorothy will send you personalize forms to help you to rebuild & repair your credit.