Bankruptcy and Debt Questions and Answers

Q: What can what can I do to get a monthly statement from my Mortgage Company?: I was injured on the job and was forced to file bankruptcy save my home. Making my bankruptcy payments and making my mortgage payments sometimes got a little difficult and I end up missing a few mortgage payments. However overtime I paid extra and I think I should be all caught up. I have about 4 months to go before I am out of bankruptcy but the mortgage company is refusing to send my monthly statement. Mortgage company is saying that they send the statements to the attorney, the attorney is saying they have not been sending them any mortgage statements. I have 4 months to go and I want to make sure everything is in order. The reviews on this Mortgage Company says that they have a reputation of foreclosing on people when they thought things were okay. I hope my mortgage company and my attorney have some kind of conspiracy to take my home. I have equity and a low balance and once I am out of bankruptcy I will be just fine. What should I do to assure I get a monthly statement before I emerge from bankruptcy. I don’t want any surprises.

Asked 9 days ago in Chapter 13

If you are catching up on your delinquent mortgage payments as part of your Plan, part of your trustee’s job when your case is paid off is to contact the lender to confirm that your mortgage is now current before issuing a report to the court. Hope this perspective helps!

Answered 6 days ago.
Q: Does the state report a sale of a motorcycle to the chapter 13 trustee in Michigan?: A confirmed chapter13 a old undriveable motorcycle – does it get reported to the Chapter13 trustee or the bankruptcy court?

Asked 7 days ago in Chapter 13

A chapter 13 trustee does not sell assets. However, a chapter 13 trustee does investigate whether you accurately listed all your assets in your petition, and an old beat-up bike would likely show up on a search of property records. No attorney in their right mind would advocate cutting corners to wave a red flag in front of a trustee. “It isn’t worth anything” is an excuse. This argument does not justify failing to fully disclose the property on the schedules.
Hope this perspective helps!

Answered 6 days ago.
Q: What happens if I file for chapter7 , 7 years after my chapter7 discharge?: I am struggling with child support, garnishments and bad decisions after my divorce in. Could I file for chapter 7 again

Asked 8 days ago in Chapter 7

You can file chapter 7 bankruptcy now but you cannot get a discharge of your debts. There could be strategic reasons for doing something like this, such as fending off an aggressive creditor with a court judgment, but you will pay a high price for doing this with only being protected for a short time. In that circumstance, chapter 13 might give you longer protection and ultimately cost you less. BTW, you would NOT be able to convert a chapter 13 to a chapter 7 once the time has run. You would have to dismiss the chapter 13 and refile a chapter 7 once you reach your 8 year anniversary. Hope this perspective helps!

Answered 6 days ago.
Can I legally withhold my husbands income to ensure bills are paid ?
My husband got me and our son homeless by racking thousands of dollars in debt and not paying rent. He hid bills and eviction notices and stole rent and bill money to buy video games, drugs, and spend it on women. I know hold all his money in a se…

Dorothy’s Answer
on Aug 3
I am not sure if bankruptcy is actually a part of the story here, but the answer will lie with the way in which you obtained control of your husband’s money. Did he give you a power of attorney? Did you obtain a conservatorship over him? Your obligations depend on the way you obtained his money. A misstep could result in you facing criminal charges, so make the effort to get legal advice from someone who has all the facts. Hope this perspective helps!

Can I opt out of my chapter 7 bankruptcy???
I filed chapter 7. My creditors are discharged. Then the trustee wanted my profit and loss statements. At the time I was losing my business and lost my wife and heavy into alcoholism. Long story short…don’t have accurate ones. Can I ask for a …

Dorothy’s Answer
on Aug 3
Dismissing a Chapter 7 is always difficult, but doing so after a discharge has been granted is nearly impossible. Get an experienced bookkeeper, enrolled agent, or accountant to put together a profit & loss statement. Most of the time, it can be recreated using your bank records. Not doing the P&L will result in your discharge being revoked, meaning you owe all those debts. Hope this perspective helps!